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Hey There! I'm Jack, a UK-based backend developer and creator.

I recently graduated from the University of Exeter, where I was secured a Distinction in Advanced Computer Science with Business. I'm also Le Wagon Bali '19 and Lancaster University '17 Alumni!

My main focus for my Masters degree was utilising machine learning to create a prediction model strong enough to competitively play fantasy football.

I'm currently embarking on various projects to learn more about sectors that interest me. Project areas include e-commerce, where I have scaled to £250k revenue in 12 months, and SaaS, but more on that another time...

My past ventures include founding Sponsor My Society, a uni sponsorship platform which secured thousands to help hunreds of clubs from sponsors including PwC and Accenture. I also helped established and grew both Lydia's UK&I Campus Ambassador Programme, and NorthInvest's Angel and Startup Network.

Want to see some of my work? Here you go!

If you'd like to connect with me online, feel free to checkout my profiles:


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